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Air & Hydronic Systems Balancing

Comfort and efficiency. It's what we expect from our buildings' HVAC systems. Ensuring your HVAC system is running optimally requires the expertise and experience of a team of technicians that knows testing, adjusting and balancing inside-and-out. That's where Eastern Air Balance Corporation can help.

Our NEBB Certified technicians ensure your HVAC systems work the way they were designed to work. Our focus extends beyond basic functionality: we pinpoint deficiencies, identify ways to improve your systems' performance and give you clear operating instructions. We're thorough, precise and always here to answer your questions. Doing the job right means greater energy savings, improved occupant comfort and fewer service calls for you.

We take our jobs seriously because in today's environment, energy efficiency is serious business.

In-Depth: Air & Hydronic Systems Balancing

Eastern Air Balance Corporation has the manpower and capacity to handle air and hydronic balancing jobs of all types - regardless of the size or challenges. Our skilled NEBB certified professionals and NEBB certified technicians have the field experience, expertise and technical knowledge to:

  1. Understand the functionality of your HVAC System related to its intended use.
  2. Provide written or verbal operating instructions that ensure the most efficient and cost effective use of mechanical equipment and systems.
  3. Analyze and report on both theoretical and field related problems.
  4. Perform field testing of new or existing equipment to determine actual performance and evaluate the best methods to achieve operational capacities designed by the professionals (Mechanical Engineer) or provide optimum capacity for the actual installed conditions.

Eastern Air Balance Corporation's trained technicians work in a cooperative effort with the Automatic Temperature Controls Contractor to achieve systems operation that provides both a high level of operational efficiency and the required comfort levels for occupants of the facility.

Our Team: Excellence in the Field

Being a leader in air and hydronic systems balancing means putting the best people on the job. At Eastern Air Balance Corporation, we strive to have all of our technicians certified by NEBB. Presently, eight of our technicians have achieved the status of NEBB Certified Technician. In the field, they rely on the most advanced industry technology that allows for communication, calibration and set-up of all types of HVAC systems.

Our technicians have been trained and have the experience to calibrate and balance all types of Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems including Shut-Off, Dual Duct and Fan Powered boxes with various types of controls including Pneumatic, Electronic or DDC regardless of the box manufacturer or control system.

Setting the Standard for Air & Hydronic Balancing

Eastern Air Balance Corporation is proud of our extensive experience in providing testing, adjusting and balancing services as part of a professional services contract to numerous school districts in the Central Pennsylvania market and beyond. We understand and can help to facilitate the coordination efforts that are required between the school district, TAB Professional and the design professional in the design, construction, warranty and training phases to ensure the successful completion of a project.

Eastern Air Balance Corporation is actively involved with the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) and our local chapter Mid-Atlantic Environmental Balancing Association (MAEBA) in the development of procedural and operational standards for our industry.

Eastern Air Balance Corporation purchases and maintains the latest and most accurate instrumentation available in our industry. All instrumentation purchased and maintained is NIST traceable. All instrumentation is calibrated annually or more frequently as required by the manufacturer or NEBB Procedural Standards. Calibration records and documentation are included in all NEBB Certified Balancing Reports issued by Eastern Air Balance Corporation.