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Building Systems Commissioning

Your building's systems are complex. Today's mechanical and HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire protection/security systems are driven by advanced technology, installed by separate contractors and expected to work together seamlessly.

Too often, this system integration falls short of maximizing efficiencies and system operability, leaving room for costly losses and safety concerns. That's where Building Systems Commissioning from Eastern Air Balance Corporation can help. Our goal is optimal system performance: everything working together to help realize cost-savings strategies, promote building safety and extend the life of your equipment.

Building Systems Commissioning has not only helped our clients save on the bottom-line, but also enabled several to attain LEED status. We work alongside building owners, architects, engineers and/or LEED accredited professionals to provide the enhanced building systems commissioning services required for LEED silver, gold and platinum certification. We're proud to play a role in helping companies and institutions achieve recognition for their commitment to environmentally responsible design, construction and operations.

It's what you don't know that can cost you. With Eastern Air Balance Corporation engaged in your project from proposal to final construction, you can be assured that your building is in the best position for optimal systems performance.

In-Depth: Building Systems Commissioning

What is Building Systems Commissioning?

Building Systems Commissioning is a systematic, documented process that includes inspection, testing and training which is conducted to confirm that a building and all of its component systems are capable of being operated and maintained in conformance with the design intent.

Why is Building Systems Commissioning Required?

Integrated Systems - All building systems in today's market require interaction between components, equipment and systems provided and installed by separate prime contractors and subcontractors. Building Systems Commissioning provides a systematic method to verify the proper installation and operability of all building systems.

Complex Systems - Most of today's buildings and building systems are designed, constructed and operated with complex computer and electronically driven technology. The more complex the system the more difficult and challenging it becomes to test and verify system performance.

Why do I need Commissioning in my facility? Aren't I paying for this already?

Punchlists generated by architects, engineers and installing contractors are not a substitute for Building Systems Commissioning. Punchlists are static and only verify what can be seen. Building Systems Commissioning Functional Performance Testing is "dynamic" and tests the function and performance of all components and systems. There will always be operational deficiencies discovered during the commissioning process that could not be predicted by a visual inspection.

The Eastern Air Balance Corporation team includes a NEBB Building Systems Commissioning Certified Professional, licensed professional engineers with 35+ years experience and a staff of NEBB Certified Technicians with the experience and expertise necessary to perform Building Systems Commissioning for your project. We have provided commissioning services for Mechanical and HVAC Systems, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems and Fire Protection and Security Systems including several projects that have achieved LEED Silver status.

Eastern Air Balance Corporation provides the following services as part of our comprehensive Building Systems Commissioning plan:

  1. Design document review including all drawings and specifications
  2. Review of project equipment submittal data and shop drawings
  3. Verification and documentation of component and system installation
  4. Verification and documentation of equipment and system start-up
  5. Verification and documentation of component and system operability
  6. Recommendations and preparation of a preventative maintenance plan
  7. Owner / Building Operator training

Why Eastern Air Balance Corporation should be your Building Systems Commissioning Agent?

  • Eastern Air Balance Corporation has the experience and expertise to review and comment on all technical considerations of a project from the design phase through the construction phase to facilitate proper installation, operation and maintenance of a facility.
  • Eastern Air Balance Corporation provides the best trained and best equipped technicians in the industry. Our technicians have a thorough working knowledge of the components, equipment and systems, and are experienced in detailed testing procedures and documentation.
  • Eastern Air Balance Corporation technicians are experienced in the installation, programming, calibration and troubleshooting of Direct Digital Control Systems and Energy Management Systems.
  • Eastern Air Balance Corporation has a long history of responsiveness. Our management and staff pride ourselves on providing timely response to our clients needs. This includes providing detailed status reports and meeting with project architects, engineers, contractors and owners to ensure that the building systems meet or exceed the design intent.

Building Systems Commissioning provides value to everyone involved in your project - from the architect, engineer and contractors to the building's owner and occupants. From the project onset, you can rest assured that your building's systems are operating the way they were intended, meeting or exceeding compliance for optimal performance.