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Duct Leak Testing

Leaky ducts rob your building of heating/cooling capacity and efficiency. Beyond that, insufficiently sealed ducts can interfere with your systems operations, create elevated noise levels and reduce air quality. In other words, pinpoint-small leaks undetectable to the eye can mean big, costly problems in the long run.

At Eastern Air Balance Corporation, our team of NEBB certified professionals employs the most advanced testing equipment and methods to identify deficiencies in your duct system. You get reliable, certified testing results so you can rest assured that your ducts are doing their job, leading to increased system efficiency, improved space temperature and humidity control and decreased maintenance of HVAC systems.

In-Depth: Duct Leak Testing

Duct leak testing is a specialty service provided by Eastern Air Balance Corporation. Our staff of trained professionals can provide services to perform allowable duct leakage calculations based on SMACNA "Seal Class" and "Leak Class" Standards.

We can also provide services to field test any duct system and provide certified test results.

Eastern Air Balance Corporation has multiple custom constructed duct leak test rigs which range from 130 CFM at 8.00" w.c. to 1,000 CFM at 21" w.c.. The use of this unusually large test equipment allows us to test many systems as a single unit. Most other agencies that perform duct leak testing require the systems to be broken into smaller component parts due to the restrictions of their test equipment.

Ductwork installed as part of HVAC Systems needs to be sufficiently airtight to aid in the efficient operation of systems. Most local building codes include a requirement that ducts be installed and inspected to be reasonably airtight. Excessive duct leakage in HVAC Systems can lead to operational concerns including loss of expected system operating efficiency, elevated noise levels, problems with space temperature and humidity control and non-ducted room to room air flows all of which can cause the need for increased maintenance of HVAC Systems.

SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) has developed and publishes recommended guidelines and procedures to perform field leakage testing of duct systems based upon the duct construction and pressure classification of the installed system. Air tight HVAC duct systems can generally be achieved by selecting a static pressure duct construction class suitable for the actual system operating static pressure and by properly specifying sealing procedures for the duct systems.

Eastern Air Balance Corporation can provide services to perform allowable duct leakage calculations and provide witnessing and certification services for duct leakage testing.