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We ensure reliability, safety and efficiency from your building's heating/ventilation, air conditioning and other critical systems.
Air & Hydronic Systems Balancing
Building Systems Commissioning
Duct Leak Testing
Residential Duct Leak Testing
Fume Hood Testing
Your building contains a complex network of systems working together to create an environment where you can do what you do best. Whatever the aim of your business or institution, you expect reliability, safety, and efficiency from your heating/ventilation, air conditioning, and other critical building systems. Eastern Air Balance Corporation performs testing, adjusting and balancing of air and hydronic systems, building systems commissioning, and duct leak testing to the educational, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and commercial markets.

We are dedicated to helping our clients ensure the optimal performance of these systems through a variety of testing, adjusting and balancing services. Our experienced, NEBB certified staff set the standard for skill, knowledge and service in this rapidly changing, technology-driven industry.

At Eastern Air Balance Corporation, we're meticulous in our standards. We go the extra mile. We're reliable partners who can be depended on well after we've packed up our equipment. Because our focus extends beyond the business transaction. We believe we have an important role to play in the health, well being and comfort of those who occupy our clients' buildings, as well as our clients' continued success in an environment that demands new levels of efficiency and performance.

It's a commitment that not only fosters the best results, but also the greatest long-term savings for our clients in increased operating efficiency, risk reduction, reduced service calls and equipment life-span.

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